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Imagine you’re not the biggest company in the world but you’d like to use a drone for developing 3D surfaces or “as-built” layouts or you’re just getting images of the site to underlay your CAD deliverables. Your costs are the drone, the pilot training, and the image processing. The drone you like costs what it costs, the pilot certification is currently $150 every two years in the US.

Contours from a pit using Carlson PhotoCapture

Up until now there were two pricing models for image processing.

1) Buy a computer capable of running a desktop package, pricing for the software $5K and up, then subject to yearly maintenance costs. You’re constrained by the speed of the computer and can only process one job at a time.

2) Buy a monthly subscription, typically about $350 per month. You get no refund if you don’t use it or use it very little, but if you go over a limit—typically the number of jobs or images, you have to pay additional fees, much like data overages on antiquated cell phone plans. Up until a month or so ago, these limited plans were referred to as “unlimited”.

Here at Carlson, we’ve found people don’t like paying for things they don’t use, or losing things they did pay for because of an arbitrary time limit. For example, when you buy Carlson desktop software, you have asset, not an expense. We’ve built a pricing system that fits what the people want.

It’s like a club, you pay your small yearly dues and then use it as much or as little as you want during the year. You may not use the pool at all but like the trivia contest on Wednesday nights.

With Carlson Photo Capture, you buy processing in 5 GB, 50 GB or 150 GB chunks and use them when you need to. How much you need is completely transparent – if you have 100 images and they are 10 MB each, you need 1 GB of processing. When you run out, just buy more.

If your dream of taking over the world falls slightly short and you have a bunch of GBs left over as you near the end of your membership year, paying the next year’s membership fee means all those GBs you bought are still yours to use.

The pricing for this is:
$150 per year membership fee

  • $199 for 5 GB
  • $995 for 50 GB
  • $1990 for 150 GB

Completely transparent, completely controllable.

Now you can accurately job cost your image processing.

And note: we haven’t even discussed all the advantages of the software itself, like ease-of-use, no special computers needed, multiple users processing multiple jobs at once or all collaborating on the same job, secure cloud storage, grids and triangulations, bare earthing, linework input and output for instant field-to-finish in Carlson Survey, and much, much more. With these multiple competitive advantages, we know you’ll be taking over the world and be wanting a high volume plan at a fixed yearly cost.

And here is that plan, called PhotoCapture Plus. Let your account rep know how much processing you plan on for a year and we’ll develop a price for you. It works like a typical subscription – see pricing model #2 above – you trade capacity rollover for an extremely competitive fixed yearly cost.

Find out how simple PhotoCapture actually is by watching this four-minute video t see how fast the whole process actually is:
Getting Started with Carlson PhotoCapture

Get a free, full-feature demo using your own data here:

– Steve

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