New Programs Added in Carlson 2014

July 25th, 2013
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Carlson Product Line-Up Expands for 2014: Carlson GeoTech, Carlson CADnet, and Carlson Trench Add to Carlson’s ‘Bullpen’ Strength.

MAYSVILLE, Kentucky, U.S.A (July 2013) – Continuing Carlson Software’s dedication to providing software products its customers want and need, the company is introducing three new modules, Carlson GeoTech, Carlson CADnet, and Carlson Trench, as part of the 2014 release.

GeoTech, CADnet, Trench join Construction to make the new Takeoff Suite

Carlson GeoTech provides the ability to import borehole data for analyzing subsurface conditions and materials. “GeoTech will model all core samples and produce a detailed, easy-to-read report  for drill logs, cross sections, and plan view,” says Dave Carlson, V.P. of Development for Carlson Software. In addition, this information is fully integrated with Carlson Civil, for determining site stability and suitability, and also Carlson Construction, for accurate strata takeoff estimation.

Carlson CADnet allows users to create CAD from non-CAD documents such as PDFs, raster images, and paper plans. CAD text can also be generated from raster images with CADnet’s built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). All new with this release is the ability to import BIM models (doors, windows, walls, roofs, etc.) and bring them into CAD as CAD entities; plus, CADnet includes a routine to export surfaces into BIM.

Carlson Trench is for calculations related to installing pipes, sewers, or utility lines. The software calculates the volume of the trench cut, the volume of backfill (excluding the pipe size), and the linear footage of pipe broken down by the pipe material, size, and/or depth. Similar to GeoTech, Carlson Trench is fully integrated with Carlson Civil and Construction, and also Carlson Hydrology to meet the variety of customers’ needs.

While these products offer all new capabilities and choices to Carlson Software’s customers, they have substantial roots in Carlson Takeoff, Carlson’s popular site estimating and data prep software.

“Developed over the past 10 years within Takeoff, these modules serve to answer the specific needs of geotechnicians, civil engineers, and construction professionals who may not have required all of Takeoff’s many capabilities,” says Todd Carlson, product manager for Takeoff.

With Carlson GeoTech, Carlson CADnet, and Carlson Trench, Carlson now offers customers the flexibility to obtain just the software they need at an affordable price. The three new modules can also be paired with Carlson Construction to form the all new Carlson Takeoff Suite, replacing the non-OEM version of Takeoff. (Note: Carlson Takeoff with built-in AutoCAD remains the same.)

As with the modules in the Carlson Civil Suite, these new modules can be purchased and run independently or in conjunction with other Carlson 2014 products. They have been developed to work seamlessly with Carlson Civil.

With the release of Carlson 2014, these new modules join Carlson’s flagship Civil Suite – Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, and Carlson GIS – plus Carlson Field, Carlson Point Cloud, Carlson Underground/Surface Mining, Carlson Geology, and Carlson Natural Regrade with providing 100s of improved tools to complete projects accurately and professionally.

For more information about GeoTech, CADnet, and Trench, or any aspect of the Carlson 2014 release, contact your local Carlson representative by calling 800-989-5028/606-564-5028 or visiting Carlson Software’s Contact Us page. Carlson works for you.



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