Handle Large Files Faster and Better With Carlson Civil/Hydrology/GIS 2019

September 25th, 2018
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Improved Cross-Section Editor with Depth

MAYSVILLE, Kentucky, U.S.A. (September 2018) — Enhancements to the 3D Viewer routine, triangulation file utilities, and parking lot design abilities are just some of the newest features in the just released Carlson Civil 2019.

“The 3D Viewer routines have all been overhauled in Carlson Civil 2019,” says David Carlson, Carlson Software V.P. of Development. “That means that the large surfaces that the viewer used to struggle with now run fast.”

And besides the added speed, Carlson noted the new viewer has new sky background choices and the following new features, such as:
• ability to set textures by surface slope and colors by surface normals;
• real time display of surface coordinates and slopes;
• control for line thickness; and
• 3D Model Library to define how to render CAD entities.

“The Triangulation File Utilities in Civil 2019 have new functions for improving dense surfaces like from LiDAR source data and improving surfaces for watershed modeling,” explains Carlson. These include new Simplify and Smooth methods, plus new Refine, Clean, Enhance Flats, and Improve Valleys functions.

The added parking lot abilities are setting line width, drawing baseline, and handicap markers, and adding a buffer zone. Carlson Civil also offers its first custom object for surfaces with its main advantage being improved performance with large models.

For Carlson Hydrology 2019, there’s a new method to add a tributary pipe and to add it into existing pipeline, plus users can now directly draw profiles to a utility. “There are also new routines to import or export sewer models to Esri®,” adds Carlson, “and there’s a new Pressure Pipe Network in this release.”

Improvements for Carlson GIS 2019 include support for .ECW files and embedded world file data and the option to scale aerial images. And, in addition to its smoother workflow with Esri ArcGIS® services added last year, the GIS editor now enables users to assign CAD properties to GIS attributes by layer, length, area, and elevation.
Support for AutoCAD® 2019 and the ever improving IntelliCAD®9.0 join enhanced features in the just released Carlson Civil 2019, Carlson Hydrology 2019, and Carlson GIS 2019 modules. In addition to working with AutoCAD 2019, AutoCAD versions 2010 and up are also supported.

Top new features with IntelliCAD®9.0 include expanding the ability to work natively in .DGN files and easy customization of toolbars. “If users want to add a command, they can simply drag and drop,” notes Carlson.

Carlson Civil provides the most robust automation and ease-of-use of any civil design solution available today. Carlson software is provided as a perpetual license with no requirement to update every year—when you purchase Carlson Civil, Hydrology, or GIS, it is yours. If choosing to update each year, there is a convenient maintenance portal for customers — http://update2.carlsonsw.com/renew/. In addition, Carlson Software provides free technical support, which it has done since its founding in 1983.

Along with Carlson Civil, Hydrology, and GIS for 2019, Carlson Software is also releasing the 2019 version of Carlson Survey, which joins Civil-Hydrology-GIS to make up the Carlson Civil Suite. Carlson Point Cloud, Carlson Mining, Carlson Natural Regrade, plus Carlson GeoTech, Carlson CADnet, Carlson Trench, and Carlson Construction (these latter four make up the Takeoff Suite), all featuring their own industry-specific improvements, have also been released for 2019.

Carlson 2019, which features more than 200 improvements, is available now for upgrade or new purchase. For more information about other enhancements in this new release, visit the Carlson 2019 page on its website, www.carlsonsw.com/2019. Carlson has been meeting land design professionals’ software needs since 1983.

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