Field to Finish tools offer efficiency benefits to land surveyors

March 25th, 2015

Surveying professionals know that the task of collecting, sorting, and connecting survey points is one of the most tedious, difficult and time-consuming parts of the job. Thankfully, technology for land surveyors has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. In fact, there are currently CAD software products on the market equipped with tools that automatically plot these points, providing land surveyors with the ability to go from “Field-to-Finish” with ease.

“Deploying software with built-in “Field to Finish” options is a boon for surveyors.”

A bit of extra detail included during the point collection stage will result in a big payoff when deploying a surveying solution with “Field-to-Finish” features. Adding a description key to survey points as they are collected is all that’s necessary to speed up the process of connecting survey points, grouping these points for easy organization and specifying spots where the project calls for special line segments. That’s why deploying software boasting a built-in “Field to Finish” option is a boon for surveyors looking to greatly simplify a tedious part of their workload.

Seamless solutions save time and money

The many conveniences provided by a survey software designed to include “Field-to-Finish” functionality offer tangible savings for surveyors. For instance, Carlson Software’s SurvCE data collection program is capable of redrawing points and symbols as the information is transferred to office environments via a program like Carlson Survey. This feature saves surveyors the trouble of transcribing the description keys and codes that were initially collected – the information is sorted and accounted for, starting in the field and moving easily through each step of the process. “Field-to-Finish” functionality also makes it easy for surveyors to preview their final drawing before transferring the data to a more powerful surveying software tool.

Eliminating steps is a simple way for surveying professionals to streamline their workflow and limit time spent performing repetitive tasks. Investing in surveying tools with “Field-to-Finish” functionality is also a natural upgrade over relying on pen-and-paper strategies during the surveying process.

Connecting the dots is easier than ever

An article from Professional Surveyor, now xyHt, pointed out that the process of drawing survey data can be greatly simplified via “Field-to-Finish” functionality, especially when surveyors are working with robust, versatile software. Critical “Field-to-Finish” features to look for when comparing surveying solutions include the ability to insert data on separate layers based on point type, automatically connect 3D polylines and add scalable, rotatable symbols to CAD drawings. Many survey software products are capable of performing these features separately, but only a select few (like Carlson Survey) sort their entire selection of “Field-to-Finish” tools under a single, comprehensive feature heading.

The right tools and software can eliminate entire steps from the survey workflow.The right tools and software can eliminate entire steps from the survey workflow.

Going from the field to the finish

The goal for many surveyors is to create accurate (2-D or 3-D) polyline linework as quickly and simply as possible. The “Field-to-Finish” route may seem like an added hassle to those who are used to their own familiar surveying process, and utilizing this resource can save plenty of time and funds in the long run. The ability to organize points and surfaces via field codes makes it easy to sort points into groups and adjust a project’s 3-D drawing with ease. Likewise, “Non-Surface” labels can be used to tag unique points like fire hydrants on the fly.

Professional Surveyor pointed out that one of the easiest ways to communicate the benefits of “Field-to-Finish” software is by asking field crews to create a list of hypothetical points descriptions. The exercise can be used to demonstrate how easy it is for surveyors to organize information based on point descriptions and symbols when “Field-to-Finish” tools are made available.

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