Carlson Takeoff R8 Just Released With New PDF Layer Input and 3D PDF Output

October 27th, 2014
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Carlson Takeoff R8 Offers New Improvements Plus an AutoCAD® Engine Built-In

MAYSVILLE, Ky., U.S.A. (October 27, 2014)— Newly released, Carlson Takeoff R8 is a project-estimating and modeling software for site and heavy highway contractors that comes with the AutoCAD 2013 OEM engine built in.


New Surface Renderings for 3D Drive Simulation

In its embedded AutoCAD version, Takeoff R8 gives users the ability to directly read and write in AutoCAD DWG-drawing file format. The software provides the ability to estimate and report cut/fill quantities, subgrade materials, topsoil removal/replacement, overexcavation, trenching, and strata calculations from paper, CAD, or PDF formats. Road quantities can be determined from cross-sections or by road design built from vertical profile and typical template information.

This newest version of Carlson Takeoff with the AutoCAD OEM engine has the ability to import PDF files with layers and also to create drawing entities from a SketchUp file.

“When dealing with importing PDFs, there is now the ability to maintain layers with the PDF during the import process,” says Todd Carlson, Carlson Takeoff product manager. “This allows users to Freeze and Thaw linework immediately after import, dramatically reducing the time it takes to estimate from a PDF file.”

Top new features in Carlson Takeoff R8 also includes improved 3D drive simulation and added support to define up to seven subgrades. It allows users to easily share their drawings with its ability to create a 3D PDF.

“Communicating changes to a client or across a project is now easier with the new PDF engine within Takeoff R8,” adds Carlson.


Best-in-the-Business PDF Import

Like its earlier iterations, Carlson Takeoff R8 provides data prep capabilities for layout and the ability to create 3D models for machine control in the native Topcon®, Trimble®, Leica® or Carlson format.

Carlson Takeoff R8 is the embedded AutoCAD version and includes all of the same ingredients of the new Carlson Takeoff Suite, which works on AutoCAD, versions 2007 to 2015, and comes with IntelliCAD® 8.0 built in. The Carlson Takeoff Suite is comprised of the modules Carlson CADnet, Carlson Trench, and Carlson GeoTech combined with the 2015 version of Carlson Construction. All are fully integrated with Carlson Civil and Hydrology to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs.

“Constantly improved over its 11 years of development, Takeoff R8 answers the diverse needs of construction estimators and model builders who are looking for a comprehensive product,” says Carlson.

For more information about Carlson Takeoff R8 or the Carlson Takeoff Suite, visit your local dealer or or call Carlson at 800-989-5028 or 606-564-5028 to find a Carlson representative near you. To download a 30-day demo of any Carlson product, visit and click on the demo request link on the top right-hand side.

About Carlson. Carlson Software Inc. is a leading provider of office and field software for land development markets, including land surveying, civil engineering, mining, construction, crash/crime reconstruction, and machine control. Founded in 1983, Carlson Software is headquartered in Maysville, Kentucky, U.S.A., with branch offices in Europe, Central American and Australia.

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