Carlson Software Senior Mine Design Webinar Series

By Lee Guerringue • July 20th, 2016
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What is it?Carlson Software has been serving mining engineers' needs since 1983

This webinar series is designed to assist students at Mining Engineering universities who are using Carlson Software for their Senior Mine Design Project. Many students entering the senior design course have little or no experience with mine design software, meaning they must learn/re-learn the program(s). This can be a daunting task without proper guidance, especially when the students must keep up with a variety of other classes. This webinar series seeks to:

  1. Help students understand the workflow of mine design with Carlson Software
  2. Address students’ specific issues/questions

General Info

  • Focus is on senior design, but all undergraduates are welcome to attend
  • 100% free to students, TA’s, and Professors
    • Conducted in 1-hour sessions
    • First 5-10 minutes will cover tips and tricks that will be useful to the students
    • Remaining time spent on requested topics; these topics can be as basic or advanced as needed
    • No official schedule for topics to be covered – everything is covered as needed
  • Planned for once per week, each week of the Fall Semester
    • Notice of changes to meeting times will be sent out via email
    • Weekday and time TBA
  • Webinars be recorded and posted to Dropbox for download
  • Hosted on Turbomeeting
    • Small download required (Free, < 1 minute to download and install)
  • Meeting Hyperlink:

There is an endless number of topics to discuss with Carlson/CAD, but only so much material can be covered over the course of this webinar series. Click to view topics in which Carlson may be helpful. The first webinar is slated to be broadcasted the first full week of the Fall semester.

To submit additional topics or for any questions, please contact Tyler Faulkner at or 606-564-5028 ext 230.

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