Carlson Mining 2019 Introduces New Features and Commands for Added Functionality

September 25th, 2018
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Solid model in Carlson 2019

MAYSVILLE, Kentucky, U.S.A. (September 2018) — Carlson Mining 2019, which includes the Basic Mining, Geology, Surface Mining, and Underground Mining modules, has just been released. Substantial new features and commands in this release provide useful additional functionality.

“The solids menu within the underground mining module has expanded to include commands for editing, cleaning, refining, and smoothing solids,” says Grant Wenker, director and vice president of Carlson Mining. “These commands pair well with the Carlson Laser Measurement Devices product line to create solids of underground surveys and cavity scans.” Wenker also noted that the commands serve to enhance tunnel design with the use a generic template extruded along a direction line. In addition, the 3D Viewer Window has been significantly improved to allow for faster processing of large surfaces.

New features include:
Elevation/Thickness Points – New command to enter underground mine survey data manually from field notes
Block Model 3D Viewer – Added option to draw block model inside a solid
Edit Fault Line – Added option to interpolate fault shift between known points
Draw Typical Tunnel Template – New command to draw a tunnel template
Make Solid From 3D Faces – New command to create a solid model from 3D Face entities
Smooth/Clean/Refine Solid – New commands to edit solids by removing unnecessary/erroneous data
Import/Export Solid – New commands to import/exports solids to .OBJ, .STL, and .DXF formats
Surface Equipment Timing – Redesign of 3D Pick and Detailed Reporting dialog for a more friendly user experience
View 3D Timing – New command to review the mine progression with 3D solids

Another noteworthy addition to the Geology module is additional functionality for downhole surveys separate from the lithology data for accurate representation and 3D visualization of the hole deviation. Mining 2019 features more improvments to the Equipment Timing, Spoil Placement Timing, and Haul Cycle Analysis commands to allow the user to review the progression of the mine life with 3D Solids, allowing for a better understanding of how material is moved over time.

Mining 2019 includes added support for AutoCAD 2019 and for IntelliCAD® 9.0, which comes free with the software. This release of IntelliCAD includes native support for DGN drawings, allowing users to work directly with MicroStation drawings without the need for export/import. Other features of IntelliCAD 9.0 include an improved dialog for customizing the user interface and the addition of tool palletes, allowing you to truly tailor your CAD experience to meet your needs.

Carlson 2019, which features more than 200 improvements, is available now for upgrade or new purchase. For more information about other enhancements in this new release, visit the Carlson 2019 page on its website, Carlson has been meeting land design professionals’ software needs since 1983.

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