Adding Notes and Custom Attributes to F2F

May 24th, 2017

It was great meeting so many of you at the 2017 user’s conference in Maysville earlier this month. It was my first one and I’ll have to say, the bar has been set quite high.

During UC17, I taught a class entitled “Advanced Field to Finish” where I explored ways to get more out of Carlson’s Field to Finish program. One of the main subjects was adding additional information to your plan right from the field. Many users find it limiting to only have the code description to work with because if a long text string is needed, it is difficult to use on a plan. For example, suppose you want to add information to a located concrete monument because it is leaning 1 foot to the northeast. If you simply add that to the description it may look something like this:

 Concrete Monument leaning 1’ NE

Whereas you may prefer word wrap and having it read:
 Concrete
Leaning 1’ NE

Beyond controlling the cosmetics of the plan, most surveyors typically gather much more information in the field than they may even show on their final plan. Utility companies frequently require much more information than just elevation and description to their infrastructure.

Well did you know Carlson has a very easy way to add additional information to a plan directly from your data collector? This information can be added to your final plan in either the form of block attributes or just simply text. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. Take a look at the two videos I prepared that give you step by step instruction on both methods:

If you find yourself adding a lot of text to your plan after you’ve downloaded the data, you are not making the best use of your time.

So download my Advanced Field to Finish class information from the User Conference tab on the Support Center page, watch these videos, and let me know what kind of help you need. And don’t forget about my Easy Start Guide for F2F also available for downloading.

Talk soon,

Let us help you get “up and running” and make your company more profitable.
Douglas L. Aaberg, PLS
Survey Product Manager

Download Doug's Field-to-Finish Guide

Quote of the Week:
One of the hardest things I have to do is to train both Carlson F2F and C3D F2F to the field crews and office techs. Your Quick Start Guide will be a huge help in training.

Bill S. user and trainer

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