2D to Photo-Realistic 3D with Carlson TerraVision

May 7th, 2014

Carlson TerraVision software is an easy-(and fun)-to-use tool to enhance presentations; it enables users to go from 2D to 3D in just a few minutes.

TerraVision makes your plans come to life!

Realistically illustrate an upcoming project.

MAYSVILLE, Kentucky, U.S.A (May 7, 2014) – Carlson Software’s all-new TerraVision software enables users to present their plans more realistically. This ability helps increase comprehension of what the finished product will look like for their clients or for other interested parties such as city councils, planning boards or home owner associations.

The software helps designers to actually show, rather than just tell, during presentations. Just load a surface file or entities from CAD into TerraVision to produce the 3D rendering. Any Carlson CAD-based office software will work with TerraVision. This includes Carlson Civil, Carlson Survey, Carlson Construction, and Carlson Mining.

TerraVision makes your plans come to life!

TerraVision makes your plans really come to life!

“TerraVision takes 3D TIN files and multi-colored mesh surfaces and overlays paving, vegetation, buildings, figures and vehicles for photo-realistic site presentation,” says Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software, adding, “The visualization can actually improve in-house design by revealing planning flaws visually.”

For civil engineers, land surveyors and contractors, two-dimensional drawings work well but don’t tell the whole story, especially to those not directly in the designing or building industries. Carlson TerraVision enables users to go from a 2D line drawing to a 3D site presentation complete with near-realistic textures and features that make the plans come to life.

Better present mining plans, too

Carlson TerraVision works for mining projects, too.

“It’s quick, easy, and fun-to-use,” says Carlson, who notes that TerraVision also allows the automatic addition of shadows depending on the time of day chosen. “This software provides fly-through video enhancement that could help win a project. TerraVision reveals your designs as they would appear when built, and will help sell your design services.”

For more information, visit www.carlsonsw.com/solutions/civil-engineering/terravision/ or contact your local Carlson representative via 606-564-5028 in the U.S. and Canada, +31 36 750 1781 in the EMEA region, or +6148897508 in the Australia-Asia region for a demonstration.


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