Maintenance Renewal

Renew Maintenance

Carlson Software Maintenance Plan

Carlson Software’s Maintenance Plan allows you to update your current software at a reasonable rate. Use our Account-wide Serial Number Lookup and renew your Carlson Software by one of the above methods.

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Automatic upgrades for all modules when a new version is released. Manuals can be downloaded or printed manuals can be purchased separately.
  • Periodic new feature additions within the 1-year release cycle.
  • Unlimited access to Carlson Academy (, Carlson Software’s online learning platform
  • Toll-free priority technical support.

Maintenance Policy:

  • An active Maintenance Plan can be renewed annually at a cost of 10% of software list price.
  • If Maintenance is not renewed prior to expiration, Maintenance increases by 10% per year after the expiration date.
  • The maintenance program is all-inclusive and updates the following modules of Carlson office products: Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Basic Mining, Geology, Underground Mining, Surface Mining, Natural Regrade, Field, CADnet, GeoTech, Trench and Construction.
  • This maintenance program does not included AutoCAD OEM products Survey Embedded ACAD and Takeoff Embedded ACAD. However, these products can be upgraded individually.