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Network License Manager Overview

Networking of Carlson’s Office Software is available with a surcharge of 10% per seat. A Network License Manager program is then used on your network server to control the number of licenses that can run at the same time.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • An organization that wishes to maximize license usage at a minimal cost could purchase a number of Carlson Software modules that they would have in use at any given moment in time. The “mix” could be in any combination; for example 3 of Survey, 2 of Civil, and 1 each of each Hydrology, GIS, Mining and Advanced Mining).
  • The client can also choose/select which workstations can run the available products. He may choose to have some workstations be able to run Survey and Civil and others to run any modules available. All the numbers have code embedded in them which tells workstation to get its license from the server.
  • At run time, the Carlson Software module requests a license from the server and deprecates the license from the “available license pool” while the module is in use. Since each module is monitored separately, a maximum of 9 workstations could be concurrently using Carlson Software in the example above. In practice, there is usually more than one module in use by an operator at a given time so a more realistic number of concurrent workstations would be closer to half of the maximum number.
  • Registration is not required on client machines, only the server.

The Network License Manager software also provides an ability to easily add additional licenses at later time and also provides a way of temporarily “checking-out” (loaning) a license for remote use (e.g. for an office computer that is to be used in the field or a home computer.

For details on setup or troubleshooting, see the Carlson Knowledge Base section on Network Licenses and Software.

Carlson Software Maintenance Plan

Carlson Software’s Maintenance Plan allows you to update your current software at a reasonable rate. Use our Account-wide Serial Number Lookup and renew your Carlson Software by visiting carlsonsw.com/maintenance.

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Automatic upgrades for all modules when a new version is released. Manuals can be downloaded or printed manuals can be purchased separately.
  • Periodic new feature additions within the 1-year release cycle.
  • Unlimited access to Carlson Academy (learn.carlsonsw.com), Carlson Software’s online learning platform
  • Toll-free priority technical support.

Maintenance Policy:

  • Maintenance is included for free for 90-days after initial product purchase.
  • Maintenance obtained at the time of initial software purchase applies for 15 months.
  • An active Maintenance Plan can be renewed annually at a cost of 10% of software list price.
  • Effective September 1st, 2019: If Maintenance is not renewed prior to expiration, Maintenance increases by 10% per year after the expiration date.
  • The maintenance program is all-inclusive and updates the following modules of Carlson office products: Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, Basic Mining, Geology, Underground Mining, Surface Mining, Natural Regrade, Field, CADnet, GeoTech, Trench and Construction.
  • This maintenance program does not included AutoCAD OEM products Survey Embedded ACAD and Takeoff Embedded ACAD. However, these products can be upgraded individually.


Credit Application FormLeasing Opportunity: Through Advance Acceptance, Carlson Software is offering a lease program for both its hardware, such as the Surveyor+ GPS and for its software.

To apply, download the Credit Application Form. To learn more about a funding calculator for lease rates, info for companies in business for less than two years, or rates for customers with poor credit, email info@carlsonsw.com.

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