Carlson Software’s Monday Webinar Series*

Hosted by Lee Guerringue

Please join us for our webinar series on a variety of topics!

  • Each webinar is a live discussion (target 30 minutes) with the opportunity to ask questions at the end.
  • Click on a webinar’s title to watch a previously recorded webinar.


Click on a webinar’s date to register!

What’s New in IntelliCAD 8.1 – Ladd Nelson January 18
A look at Precision 3D add-on P3D Culverts – Bruce Carlson February 5
Introducing Precision 3D – Bruce Carlson February 15
Comparing IntelliCAD 8.1 with AutoCAD – Rick Ladd of CADNET Services February 29
Civil Suite: New features in LotNET – Scott Griffin March 7
Intro to Carlson Civil Suite – Dave Sanford March 14
Civil Suite: Road Design to Survey Stakeout – Tom Peak March 21
Carlson Fundamentals: Point Menu – Tools & Tips – Aaron Newman April 4
What’s New in the Release of SurvCE 5.0 – Bruce Carlson April 11
Civil Suite: Storm Drainage Design – Mark Long May 2
Taking the Data from Carlson Point Cloud to Civil to P3D Topo – Gary Rosen June 20
CADnet: Working with PDF files in CAD – Scott Griffin July 25
A Look into Carlson 2017 – Survey Field to Finish August 15

*Held at 12 noon-EST/US on Mondays of every month unless otherwise noted.

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