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Title: Convert A Text File with Latitude / Longitude into Grid Coordinates
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This is in regards to using Carlson Survey to convert a text file with Latitude / Longitude into Grid Nad83 northing and easting coordinates.

1) Set a new Empty CRD coordinate file

2) Click Points / Import Ascii to import your Text File into the CRD

3) Then click Points / Coordinate File Utils / Coordinate Transformation.

4) Set the Type to “Lat/Lon to Grid” and changed the Input from to “Point Numbers” then set the Output to “Overwrite Existing Coordinates as shown in the attached screenshot.

5) Select WGS84 and either Degrees, Minues, Seconds or Decimal Degrees then set it for State Plane 83 and the proper Zone for your State region with US Feet as the coordinate units then click OK.

6) Click OK for the point range then clicked EXIT in the bottom right to return to the drawing.

Now you can click Points / Edit Points to view the resulting Nad83 grid coordinates.