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Title: UI customization in Carlson2016+IntelliCAD8.1
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In IntelliCAD8.1 UI subsystem was reworked completely, so now there is a bit different approach for working with UI customization.
ICAD8.0 and earlier store UI settings in registry, so user had to export his profile to backup UI settings. 
But it didn't work properly sometimes, some toolbar/menu settings could get lost.

ICAD8.1 has all menu/toolbars/ribbons configuration in external file - icadbase.cui. For x64, by default it is stored in c:\Users\(User_name)\AppData\Roaming\Carlson Software\Carlson2016\ICAD8_X64\SUP\.
icadbase.mnu is not used any more.

To make UI backup (export):
1) CUI
2) Export->Export All... button, save as .cui somewhere.

I would really recommend it to users who spends fair amount of time configuring toolbars/menus.

To restore UI from backup (import):
1) CUI
2) Import->Import All... button, select saved .cui file

Important notes: 
 - don't call MENU command for that stored CUI file. If it is stored in some other folder - calling MENU command may introduce extra paths to your Environment, which could lead to unexpected behavior.
 - don't call MENU command for icadbase.cui or icadbase.mnu files from SUP folder.

DO NOT reset UI from Customize dialog - it will reset Carlson menus to default IntellICAD, not Carlson ones.

Soft UI reset (only Toolbars, Menus and Ribbons):
Just call RESETUI command.

To reset UI to factory-default state (entire Profile):
1) Use "Reset User Profile" from Carlson Software folder in Start Menu
1) Settings->IntelliCAD Options
2) Profiles, select Carlson2016, Reset
3) Restart Carlson+IntelliCAD (using desktop or Start Menu shortcut)