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Title: Crashes in Carlson2015+IntellICAD8.0
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Most of crashes in Carlson2015+IntellICAD8.0 x64 are related to these two reasons:
 - Properties Pane component
 - Old NVidia Quadro video driver

Both could have similar symptoms (frequent crashes up to more than once in an hour with no clue to any particular operation).

 === Properties pane crash ===

1. Install latest possible build of Carlson2015+IntellICAD8.0 (at least 15-02-18).
Latest patches could be downloaded from here:
(32-bit patch)
(64-bit patch) 

2. Launch Carlson2015+IntelliCAD, copy-paste following command to the command line (including braces) and hit Enter:
(setvar "ENTPROPAPP" "proppalette.irx")

3. Restart Carlson+IntelliCAD

You should note that Properties pane look a bit different now (more AutoCAD-like). 

 === NVidia driver crash ===

If user has NVidia Quadro video card - it makes sense to check his video driver and update to latest one.

To check video card and video driver - do following:
1) In Windows, open Control Panel -> Device Manager
2) Expand Display adapters section
3) If you see there NVidia Quadro - right-click on it and choose Properties
4) Click on Driver tab, and check Driver Date

If you see that driver is more than year old - it makes sense to check for updates:

Select Quadro as Product Type.
Select corresponding Series, Product and Opertaing system.
Download Type -  Quadro ODE Graphics Driver.
->Search, ->Download.
Run downloaded driver installer and restart PC after completion.