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Title: Carlson Mini 2 – OS Update 1.9.1 by USB cable
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Operating system update for the Carlson Mini 2
November 2019

!!!Warning!!! - updating the operating system will PERMANENTLY erase all Job Files and Program files on your data collector.

Step #1) Its Critical to follow the steps below before updating your Operating System:
  1a)	Backup all your Job Files to a desktop or laptop computer

  1b)	Run SurvCE and go into Equip / About SurvCE and write down the Version number shown at the top.  Then tap the "Change Registration" button and write down your SurvCE Serial Number including the dashes.

  1c)	Then go into Equip / Total Station and GPS Base / GPS Rover to record all your current instrument settings being used for GPS in Current, Comms, Receiver, RTK, and all your Total Station settings in Current, Comms, Settings, Inst, Search, etc. 

  1d)	Tap Equip / Configure and Equip / Tolerances and jot down any of these settings that look important to you

Step #2) Connect your Mini2 to your computer and browse to the "Program Files" folder

Step #3) Copy the entire "SurvCE" folder to your computer to backup all the job files, settings and registration information

Step #4) After backing up the entire SurvCE folder and checking to make sure your jobs are all backed up hold down the power button on the Mini2 and keep it held down for 20 or 30 seconds until you see a blue screen with "Set Factory Defaults" at the top.  Swipe from left to right to change "Set Factory Defaults" to "Yes" and leave Tactical mode "Off" then tap "Exit" at the bottom.

This will permanently erase all the files and programs on your data collector.

Step #5) Once the factory reset is complete - follow the steps below to upgrade the operating system to OS 1.9.1:
  5a) Connect the AC Wall Charger to your Mini2 data collector

  5b) Then connect to your computer by USB cable to ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center

  5c) Click the link below* to download and install the release 1.9.1 operating system (OS) update:

Click below for the License Agreement PDF:
License Agreement PDF

* Notice: By viewing or downloading the linked file, you agree to the terms and conditions of the accompanying end user License Agreement (EULA). This software is provided only for use with, and for the licensed end users of, the Mini2. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action.

Step #6) When the new operating system is installed connect back to your computer and copy the "SurvCE" folder from your computer back into the "Program Files" folder on the Mini2

Step #7) You will need to download and install the current SurvCE Version to match what was installed and registered before you upgraded the operating system:
SurvCE Download Page