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Title: Invisible Cursor/ No Crosshairs
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In IntelliCAD 7:

If the crosshairs do not display in the drawing window, first 
check the settings in IntelliCAD Options to be sure they are 
set correctly. To do this, go to Settings>IntelliCAD Options, 
select the "Crosshairs" tab along the top and check these 

1. "Axis Color":
    Be sure the colors (x,y,z) are set to something that would 
    be visible with your background color. 
2. "Cursor Size"
    Set them to at least 5% of your screen.
3. "Pointer Defaults to Crosshairs"
    make sure this option is toggled ON

If your settings were correct and you still can not see the 
crosshairs, try resetting the UCS and PLAN to World. To do 
this, please follow these steps;

1. type UCS (hit Enter)
2. type W (for World, hit Enter)
3. type PLAN (hit Enter)
4. type W (for World, hit Enter)

If these steps do not work, the issue may be related to your 
video card.  In such cases, hardware acceleration should be 
disabled. To do this, please follow these steps;

1. type HWACCELERATION at the commandline
2. set the value to 0 (zero).

If after trying all of these suggestion you still can not see the 
crosshairs in the drawing window, please contact us either by 
email ( or phone, 606-564-5028.