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Title: How to Launch ACAD without Carlson
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Using the Create AutoCAD Icon Command

Under the Setting pull-down menu, you will find an option for "Create AutoCAD icon."  This command will create an icon on your desktop to launch plain AutoCAD.
Many people assume that the stock AutoCAD icon will launch plain AutoCAD. This is not always true. The problem occurs because, if no profile is specified, AutoCAD always starts with the last used profile. If you run Carlson, then exit and then execute the stock AutoCAD icon (which does not specify a profile), Carlson loads anyway.

Technical Note: In its attempt to create the vanilla profile, this routine removes references to Carlson from the support file search path, and replaces the Carlson menu with the stock AutoCAD menu. If the program cannot locate the AutoCAD menu (due to it being deleted or moved), you may have to create the icon manually, as outlined in the Carlson Software Knowledge Base on-line.