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Title: How to See Which Licenses are In Use, or Available, in the Network License Manager
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To view the current available count of licenses on the server, you can run the WLMAdmin.exe from within the Carlson LMTools X.X.X folder. These tools can be downloaded, and run, on a workstation. They are not limited to being used, solely, on the server.
The WLMAdmin.exe will not automatically refresh to show which licenses are in use. You will need to click on the View drop-down and select "Refresh all..."

  1. Click on the + beside Subnet Servers to show all servers on the subnet.
  2. Click the + beside the Server Name to show the modules licensed to this server.
  3. Click on the module of your choice to highlight it.
  4. The total number of licenses, as well as those in use, can be found under Feature information.
  5. To see which user is has a particular license; click on the + beside the module name. Then, click on the + beside the Clients folder.

Ways To Trigger The Network License Manager For A License File.pdf