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Title: Creating a Permanent Shortcut on the Qmini Data Collector
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This is in regards to using a Qmini data collector with SurvCE as it relates to a missing shortcut on the desktop when its powered on.

To create a permanent SurvCE shortcut on the Qmini:
  1) Tap Start / Programs / ShutCutList
  2) Tap the "Add" button in the bottom left
  3) Then tap the "..." button next to Target File
  4) Double tap "NandFlash" then SurvCE then SurvStar
  5) Tap once on the SurvCE hardhat to highlight it then tap OK
  6) Tap OK in the bottom right corner to save your changes
  7) Tap the "Save" button then tap "Exit"
  8) Then tap YES to apply the current list

Now when you power the Qmini on and off the SurvCE shortcut icon should always be displayed on the desktop.