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Title: Transferring Data from TopSurv to Carlson Survey Via USB
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This article is saved as a pdf, which included pictures, below.

If your data collector has a USB connection, we recommend using the USB cable to transfer data from the collector to the Carlson desktop software. This is done through the use of “Microsoft ActiveSync” for Windows XP or "Windows Mobile Device Center" for Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Vista or Windows 7 Users
Please install Windows Mobile Device Center by clicking on the link attached at the bottom of this article.

For Windows XP Users
If you have Windows XP and need to install ActiveSync click the link attached at the bottom of the page. After it downloads click “Run” and then Follow the On-Screen prompts to install it.

ActiveSync will prompt you to connect your Data Collect and it will search for it, follow the on-screen prompts to connect ActiveSync on your Computer to the Data Collector.

Part 1: Converting Your Data in TopSURV

Below is the Steps to follow for copying Coordinates from the data collector to Carlson Software on a Desktop or Laptop computer:

Before Downloading coordinates from the Data Collector to Carlson:

1. Open up TopSURV and select your job. 

2. Tap Export

3. To File

4. Select TDS CR5, as the type of file.  Keep the default settings, and click Next.

5. You will be prompted to name and save the CR5 file.  Please note where the file will be saved on your collector.
6. Please accept the default settings, by clicking the green check mark.

7. If you were successful, you will see the following screen on your collector.

Part 2: Importing Your CR5 To Carlson Software

1. Plug in the USB Cable to get connected with ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center.
If you have Windows XP and need to install ActiveSync click the link below. After it downloads click “Run” and then Follow the On-Screen prompts to install it:
For Windows Vista or Windows 7 computers without Windows Mobile Device Center click the link below:

2. Open your Carlson desktop software program, and exit the Startup Drawing Wizard (if it launches). 

3. Click on the Survey drop-down and select Data Collectors. 

4. Select “Carlson SurvCE/CSI Mobile” as your data collector connection.
If you are connecting in this manner for the first time, you will likely be presented with communication errors.  Please click OK to any the error messages.  We will resolve communication once we have accessed the SurvCom window.

5. Once SurvCom is open, please click Options button (5th from the right).

6. Click on the drop-down arrow beside Com1 in the upper right.  Scroll up in the list to select "ActiveSync".  Then, click OK to connect.

7. SurvCom is a divided window which displays the available data on your PC on the left-hand side, and the available data in your data collector on the right-hand side.

8. Double-click on the "TDS Jobs" folder on the RIGHT SIDE to access that folder.  

9. Then double-click the CR5 file we had previously created in TopSURV. 

The file will automatically transfer to the path (folder) specified under the heading of Local Path, on the left-hand side. 

10. Exit the SurvCom window, and then click on the Points drop-down.  Select Convert Point Format, at the bottom of the list.  Then, choose “Convert TDS CR5 to CRD.”

11. You will now be prompted to select your CR5 file for conversion.  

Use the Browse option to navigate your PC for the file which we extracted from your data collector.  

Highlight the CR5 file and click Open.  Then, click Open again.

12. Next you will be prompted to select a .crd to write.  

Creating a new .crd is the wisest choice, as choosing an existing .crd will overwrite previous data.  If you are concerned with keeping all job coordinates in the same crd file, you can merge coordinate files later.  It is safer to create a new file now.

	You will be told that points have been read into your CRD file. 

13. To set your new coordinate file as active, click on the Points drop-down and select “Set Coordinate File”. 

Then, click on the EXISTING tab, and browse to the CRD we had created in step 12, and click Open.

To draw the points from the new coordinate file, click on the Points drop-down and select “Draw-Locate Points.”  Then, click on the “Draw All” button at the middle-bottom of the screen.

Windows Mobile Device Center:
Microsoft ActiveSync:
Procedure for TopSURV USB Data Transfer.pdf