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Title: Qmini – USB to PC connection
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This is in regards to using a Carlson Qmini with a USB cable to connect to a laptop or desktop computer

Before connecting the USB cable to your computer please follow the steps below.

Step #1) Repair the Connection settings
   1) On the Qmini tap the Start symbol in the bottom left
   2) tap "Programs" then tap "ActiveSync Repair"
   3) tap "YES" when prompted to reboot the system

Step #2) Test your USB connection
   1) Plug in your USB cable from the computer to your Qmini
   2) Click the link below and follow the instructions to test your connection:
Test your USB connection
   3) Install the necessary Microsoft software if necessary when prompted to do so

Step #3) If your connection still fails and your connecting to a Windows XP computer:
   1) Right-click the link below and left-click "Save As" or "Save Target As" to download this file to your computer:
Qmini Windows XP Driver
   2) Unzip this file to its own Folder
   3) Unplug your USB cable for a few seconds then reconnect it to your Qmini
   4) When prompted with options to install the Driver - select the option to choose it manually
   5) Browse to the Unzipped folder "Qmini_WinXP_Driver" and click OK
   6) Follow the prompts to finish the driver installation