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Title: Survnet 8.0 Patch
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Please follow the steps below to install the Survnet Patch to Carlson Survey 2011:

Version = Patch Date: Oct. 26th 2011

If you would like detailed information about Survnet along with a Movie, the PDF Manual and some tutorials you can click the "Survnet Documentation" link at the bottom of this article.

Survnet Documentation & Tutorials

Below is the steps to apply the Survnet Patch to Carlson Survey 2011:

1)  Exit out of Carlson Survey 2011

2)  Please click the link below "Visual C++ 2005 SP1" and follow the prompts to install the windows update for "Visual C++":

Visual C++ 2005 SP1

3) After installing Visual C++ = click the link below to download the file “Survnet Patch” and Save it to your Desktop Computer.

Survnet 8.0 Patch

4)  Unzip the contents of this file to your Desktop Computer

5)  Copy the file “survnet.exe” to the SupTemplate folder “C:Program FilesCarlson2011_ICADSupTemplate” and click Yes to overwrite the existing

6)  Copy the other 2 files (geodetic.dll + rawgraph.dll) into the Support folder “C:Program FilesCarlson2011_ICADSupport” and click Yes to All to overwrite the existing files.

Now you can open up Carlson Survey 2011 / click Survey / click Survnet and it should open up the new version of Survnet.  If you click Help then click About = it should show Build