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Title: Bug Fix History Carlson 2011
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A new “Build” of Carlson 2011 has been made on 7-29-2011. Here is a list of
improvements and fixes found in this build.  Minor fixes are not listed

Updates 3-24-2011 to 7-29-2011

Serial Port Communications
Added support for 64-bit computers.

Digitize Cross Sections
Added support for mouse mode

Title Block
Restored this routine which didn't run on AutoCAD 2004+.

Updates 1-17-2011 to 3-24-2011

Selecting Points on Screen
Improved performance for working in large dwg's.

Color Block Model
Fixed problem loading model because of file path name.

Make Block Model
When using fixed elevation method, fixed sampling filter to use only current bed.

Updates 12-9-2010 to 1-17-2011

Edit Symbol Library
Fixed possible crash on exit problem.

Layer Inspector
Fixed problem of having to pick Exit multiple times to end routine.

Design Pad Template
Fixed crash when using a TIN as the target surface.

Merge TIN Files
Fixed lock up when using perimeter with many points.

Surface Mine Reserves
Fixed strata area and thickness reporting when using highwall slopes.

Area By Closed Polylines
Fixed reporting with multiple exclusion perimeters.

Quick Profile
Restored support for the Screen Entities method.

Updates 9-29-2010 to 12-9-2010

MDB Format Coordinate File
Restored support for this format running on x64 computers.

Dialog stability
Fixed a potential crash on dialogs with tooltips when exiting by picking X button.

Drawing Inspector
Fixed instability related to closed by the right-click menu.

Sections From Polylines By Layer
Added support for more entity configurations to make this routine more robust.