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Title: Windows 7 with XP Mode
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At this time it seems Windows 7 has many security and firewall changes along with differences in the Device Drivers that may prevent a Bluetooth or 9pin connection from working properly in our Carlson 2010 software.

From what our Development Team has found they feel it may be helpful to consider upgrading to “Windows 7 Pro” if you are not already running “Windows 7 Pro” or “Windows 7 Ultimate”.

Windows 7 Pro allows you to download and install a free software from the link below that would allow you to install and run Carlson Field 2010 as a 32bit Windows XP software in "Windows XP Mode":

Windows XP Mode

If you are currently running “Windows 7 Home Premium” you should be able to upgrade to the higher Windows Pro version for less than $100. 

This will let user run "XP Mode" from the Start menu in Windows 7 to open a Window up that is a "Virtual Machine" that acts just like 32bit Windows XP.  After opening the "XP Mode" window you can re-install your Carlson software from within the XP Mode window so that it will run the same way as if it were a 32 bit Windows XP computer and it should be able access Bluetooth and Serial Port connections.

Once you have installed Windows XP Mode, click the Windows 7 Start button  , then select All Programs > Windows Virtual PC > Windows XP Mode to begin setup. For information on how to set up Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode, check out "Running Windows XP Mode with Windows Virtual PC" on the Support and Videos page.

Here is the Windows XP Mode support page with Videos and documentation where you can scroll down and run the video for "How to install Windows XP Mode":

XP Mode documentation and videos

You can click the link below and refer to the “Windows Anytime Upgrade” options for a way to purchase an upgrade from “Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional”:

Windows 7 Pro Upgrade

If you are running a different “Windows 7” version you can refer to the link below showing all the “Anytime Upgrade” options from Microsoft:

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade options