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Title: Bug Fix History Carlson 2010: Survey, Civil, Mining
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A new “Build” of Carlson 2010 has been made on 10-2-2010. Here is a list of
improvements and fixes found in this build.  Minor fixes are not listed

Updates 7-13-2010 to 10-2-2010

Calculate Stockpile Volumes
Fixed adjustment for tilted stockpile based for incremental volume report.

TN3 Export
Restored routine for exporting TN3 files.

Surface Mine Reserves
Fixed case of using thickness precalc with a top strata with zero thickness and using multiple pits.

Updates 3-18-2010 to 7-13-2010

Edit-Process Raw File
Fixed possible crash when using the graphic preview.

Fixed conflict with AutoCAD WBlock command that caused a crash when the dwg was read-only.

Surface Mine Reserves 
Fixed reporting when using selected strata for the 1st strata. Also fixed precision for average attribute calculations.

Pillar Cut
Restored the custom define method.

Design Bench Pond
Fixed earthworks report when using the balance option.

IntelliCAD Engine
New convertdwg command to read 2010 format dwg files and saveas 2007 format. Printer settings are now saved with the dwg. Improved speed of autosave.

Updates 12-4-09 to 3-18-2010

Windows 7
Fixed tooltip for Drawing Inspector and preview for Insert Symbol.

Fixed crash on exit with Edit-Assign Polyline Elevations and memory leak in Draw Profile.

Copy to Clipboard
Fixed crash when drawing is read-only.

Design Road on Grid
Restored final drawing of labels.

Lot Report
Fixed report of chord angle.

Enter Deed Description
Fixed curve angle labels.

Underground Panel Connections
Fixed panel connections for underground timing.

Updates 10-20-09 to 12-4-09

Curve Information
Fixed report of delta angle when the drawing is in azimuth mode.

Draw Profile
Fixed fill field for cut/fill at interval in horizontal label box.

Input-Edit Section File
Fixed delete station option usage of end station.

Lot Networks
Fixed setting of default lot type.

Edit Points
Fixed the spreadsheet to use the specified number of decimals for the coordinates.

Stack Label Arc
Fixed label of chord length for railroad curves.

Fence Diagram
Fixed hatching of strata by attributes.

Draw Section File
Fixed support for drawing negative stations.

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