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Title: Converting LDD/AECC Proxy contours
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If you recieve a file from another firm with AECC Proxy Objects as Contours, follow these steps to convert:

1. Close the drawing and have a blank drawing (Drawing1.dwg) open on the screen.

2. Go to the Surface pull-down menu and select Import/Export Surface Data at the bottom and then "Convert LDT/Civil3D Surface Drawing".

**Key-in command: c3d_tin

3. The first step (if you read the blue strip along the top of the dialog) is to browse out and select the file you need to convert.

4. Then (if you read the blue strip along the top of the dialog) you need to create a drawing to create and have these converted object put into. Browse out to the project folder and give the file a name, different from the original drawing.

5. After letting it process it will come back to the blank drawing you had on your screen. Go to File>Open and browse out and grab the file you just created and open it.