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Title: Explorer I & II White Screen Recovery
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Please Follow the steps below or in the Attached PDF document at the bottom of this article to recover a Carlson Explorer I & II or a JettCE that is stuck on the White Loader screen and will not load into Windows.

!!! If the steps below allow you to Boot up to Windows like normal you need to click the link below to Re-Install the Windows Operating System:

Updating the OS on the Explorer

Carlson Explorer White Screen Recovery:

If you want to try and salvage a unit to recover Job Files from it you can try to "boot from the Flash Card" so you can turn on the unit and get into SurvCE and hookup for a File Transfer. 

Once the Job Files have been copied off the data collector you should run Equip tab / About SurvCE / Change Registration = write down the SurvCE Serial Number of the unit.

!!! For the steps below, you will need to buy 2 things from an Electronics or Computer store:
1) a Compact Flash card = the card size has to be between 32meg and 8gig {1,000meg = 1gig}
2) a Compact Flash "Card Reader" that you can plug into your Desktop or Laptop Computer

*PLEASE NOTE: If you use a CF card 4gig or higher the procedure below may not work

***On the Desktop Computer:
1) Download the file "NK.GZ" or "NK.BIN" from the Links section shown at the bottom of this article that matches the LDR number shown on the White Screen of the Data Collector.

Note: This NK.GZ file will only work if you use the CORRECT Loader Version from the Knowledge Base Article which matches the LDR number on the screen of the collector

2) Copy the file "NK.GZ" onto the Compact Flash Card

***On the Carlson Explorer Data Collector:
#1 --- Plug the Compact Flash Card with the "nk.gz" file loaded on it into the Explorer

#2 --- Hold the On/Off button down for 12 seconds / let go of it / then turn the Explorer on like normal by pushing down and up on the On/Off button

#3 --- the White Boot Loader screen should come up and say, "Reading gzip file from USER socket" on the second line of text

#4 --- The Explorer should finish loading and go to the normal screen w/ the My Computer Icon and Recycle Bin {NOTE: If it continues to display errors at this point or doesn't load up the standard Desktop screen, we will have to send in the unit on an RMA # to 2 Technologies}

#5 --- Now you can open SurvCE and register it at by clicking on the link for "Registration"


Final Step = Update the OS:
White Screen Recovery.pdf