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Title: Carlson Surveyor Documentation & Manual
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Attached below is a list of useful PDF documents for the Carlson Surveyor and the Carlson Surveyor+
Adobe Reader or another PDF file viewer program may be required to view these documents.

- Quick Start Guide
- User Guide (Manual)
- Cell Modem Guide
- Cell Modem Release Notes
- Ports Replacement Guide

***Here is some useful tips for getting started with the Surveyor: 1) If the data collector is non-responsive to Keyboard entry or Touchscreen taps hold the On_Off button for 7 or 8 seconds to reboot the unit. 2) To turn the Caps Lock on tap the "Shift" key twice. To turn off the Caps Lock tap the "Shift" key again. {The Shift key is in the bottom left of the keyboard} 3) To Launch SurvCE from the Windows screen tap the white button right above the "Esc" key in the upper left corner of the keyboard. 4) To use Bluetooth Connections scroll to the bottom of this article and click the link for "How to setup Bluetooth" 5) To access the Symbols in blue showing beside the Numbers and Letters on the keyboard tap the "2nd" button once then tap the corresponding key. {For example to get an Underscore tap the "2nd" key then tap the "-" dash key} 6) For instructions on setting up Bluetooth Connections you can click the link below: Bluetooth Instructions for the Surveyor jg

SurvCE_Hot Keys.pdf
Surveyor Plus_Brochure.pdf
Surveyor_IO Module Replacement.pdf
Surveyor Manual_11-14-08.pdf