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Title: Nul Function Definition: CF:SCADUTIL :error#10
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You get the above message when starting Carlson 2009 on AutoCAD. There are three possible solutions for this issue:
  1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder and find msvcr70.dll. Right-click on the file, go to Properties → Version and note the version number. Now go to C:\Program Files\Carlson2009_ACADxx\Support folder, right-click on the same file name, go to Properties → Version and note the version number. If this file has a higher version number (not date) than the one in System32, then copy this file into the System32 folder and run the program.
  2. If the above process doesn't resolve the issue, go to the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder again and find these two files, noting the date of the files:


    If the dates on the files do not match, then rename the libeay32.dll file (i.e. libeay32.old) and reinstall Carlson 2009.
  3. It is possible that some DLLs are not being found in the Carlson Support folder (which is normally taken care of by profile). To resolve, go to Control Panel → System → Advanced → Environment Variables, edit variable PATH in System Variables and add C:\Program Files\Carlson2009_ACAD##\Support; to the beginning of it (append to the contents of the field). "OK" your way out and restart AutoCAD.