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Title: SurvCE level files / *.TLV files
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This is in regards to using SurvCE on a data collector with the Survey tab / Leveling routine to create a *.TLV file in the field then processing it in Carlson Survey in the Office using Survnet.

Attached at the bottom of this page is a Sample Survnet Project, Text Report and *.TLV level file from SurvCE.

This support is in Carlson Survey 2009 or in Survnet 5.0 and higher: 

1) Click Survey / then click Survnet

2) Click Settings / click Project Settings

3)  click the Input Files tab

4)  Check the box for "Level Raw File" / select "Carlson Trig Level File (tlv)" for format

5) Click Select and browse to the *.tlv file on your Hard Drive / click Open

6) Uncheck the box for "Raw Data File" / click Apply 

7) Click the "Standard Errors" tab at the top middle and fill in any "Differential Leveling Standard Errors" that apply to your Level Loop {i.e. - Avg. Distance to Backsight, Reading Errors, etc.}

8) Click Process / click Network Adjust = it does a vertical adjustment of the SurvCE *.tlv file with a Full report in a *.rpt file and coordinates created in a *.nez file


SurvCE TLV Format.pdf