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Title: Bug Fixes History Carlson 2009: Survey, Civil, Mining
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A new “Build” of Carlson 2009 has been made on 9-9-2009. Here is a list of improvements and fixes found in this build.  Minor fixes are not listed here.

Updates 8-6-09 to 9-9-09
IntelliCAD Engine
Fixed possible crash when selecting point entities.

Flip Text
Restored operation of this command which broke in the previous build.

MDB Coordinate File
Restored support for MDB format coordinate files which broke in the previous build.

Trim By Point Symbol
Fixed crash that occured with some symbols.

Topcon TN3 Export
Fixed support for handling english and metric units.

Updates 2-10-09 to 8-6-09
IntelliCAD Engine
Several updates to improve performance and stability and some command fixes such as Digitize End Areas.

Updates 11-4-08 to 2-10-09
IntelliCAD Engine
Several updates to improve performance and stability and some command fixes such as for the Offset command.

Fixed OH horizontal offsets for 3D polylines.

Line/Curve Tables
Fixed severe memory leak when running in large drawings

Bench Pond Design
Updated Stage-Storage to account for interior benches.

Surface Mine Reserves
Updated to allow for exclusion perimeters when also using property boundaries and to allow using a pit bottom surface combined with limit polylines.

Updates 8-8-08 to 11-4-08
IntelliCAD Engine
Upgraded from 6.4 to 6.5 with several bug fixes, performance improvements, improved user-interface and new features like spell checking.

Fixed problem of reversed barscale.

Fixed multi-point symbols and the RECT special code.

Design Pad Template
Restored ability to optimize pad with a fixed slope.

Edit Trench Structures
Fixed selection of upstream structures.

Updates 4-28-08 to 8-8-08

IntelliCAD Engine
Added object enablers for Land Desktop points and contours. Fixed stability problem when loading drawings from the startup wizard. Improved speed of drawing points. Improved performance of save for systems with inactive printers.

Draw Profile
Fixed several problems with road profile vertical curve labels.
File: profedit.arx

Sewer Network Plan View Labels
Fixed slope label for actual pipe slope mode when connecting to upstream box structure.
File: cntr_grd.arx

Edit Point Attribute
Fixed display of point symbols in the dialog.
File: crdutil.arx

Field-To-Finish Inspector
Fixed zoom function.
File: finish.arx

Renumber Points
Fixed selection of points when points exist in CRD file but not the drawing. Fixed update the the drawing attributes for running in IntelliCAD.
File: renumpnt.fas

Custom Material Report
Reactivated this command
File: contour4.arx