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Title: Installing and Using Carlson 2009 Help Files for AutoCAD
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We originally chose not to include the large Help file as part of the web download of
the software. Therefore, to properly install the Help files for any Carlson 2009 for
CAD product, following the below instructions:

1. Extract the attachment and copy the two files (.CHM and .XRF) into the
C:\Program Files\Carlson2009\EXEC folder.

2. Once copied in, the .CHM help information for the software will be

3. Ways to use Carlson 2009 Help. 

* Open the program. At the top-right of the screen, click the Help menu.
Select Carlson Help. This will give you the cover page and TOC for all Help

* While using a Carlson command, click F1 anytime, and you will see the
Help information on that specific command. 

* In any Carlson dialog box that has a Help button, click that button for
help on that command.

Due to Microsoft security fixes in Windows XP SP2, browsing of help files
downloaded off the web is affected. For solution please see Knowledge
Base Topic ID 321.

Note: After following these steps, if for any reason Help is not working
inside of your software, please contact Carlson Technical Support.

Carlson 2009 Help files: