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Title: Creating External Plan and Profile Sheets
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The Draw Profile routine found in Carlson Software provides an extensive amount of flexibility for creating Plan & Profile (P&P) Sheets. As a general rule, most P&P sheets are created in the project drawing (either to the Model Space environment or the Layout/Paper Space environment).

Since all P&P sheets would reside in one drawing which becomes "read-only" while the drawing is in use, this can cause problems when simultaneous editing of multiple P&P sheets is desired. The following process offers a solution that allows a team of CAD drafters to work on several P&P sheets.

General Process

  1. Determine how many "Techs" will be assigned to the project (e.g. Tech1, Tech2, Tech3).
  2. Assign a station range to each Tech:
    • Tech1 assigned 0+00 → 50+00
    • Tech2 assigned 50+00 → 100+00
    • Tech3 assigned 100+00 → 150+00
  3. Create seperate drawings for each Tech:
    • Tech1: PP01.dwg
    • Tech2: PP02.dwg
    • Tech3: PP03.dwg
  4. Each Tech references/attaches the main "plan" drawing (e.g. BaseMap.dwg) through File → Xref Manager.
  5. Each Tech utilizes the Draw Profile command and specifies the various files needed to produce the P&P sheets:
    • - Existing ground profile for MyRoad
    • - Proposed grade profile for MyRoad
    • - Mainline centerline alignment for MyRoad

As each Tech creates their P&P sheets, the orientation of the external referenced main plan drawing is positioned correctly within the Plan portion of the P&P sheet.