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Title: DEFUZER ERROR in Survey 2008 OEM
Created: 0000-00-00Last modified: 0000-00-00

We found and fixed the cause of the Defuzer error message. Here's an update
to Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone.  

It only happens if you type in the Locate Point quick-key of LP. It works
fine if you pick the command from the menu.


1) Exit out of Carlson Survey 2008


2) Download the attachment below,  "scadutil.arx" 


3)  Save this file into the LSP folder of your Carlson Software {the default
is "C:\Program Files\Carlson Software 2008\LSP\"}.   Answer YES to overwrite
the existing file.


4)  Now you can reopen Carlson Survey and test out typing in LP to see if
this resolves the issue.