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Title: Overview between Carlson Civil, Takeoff and Takeoff OEM
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Purpose: The purpose of this document is summarize some of the differences between the Civil add-on component of the Carlson Civil Suite, the Takeoff add-on product, and Takeoff OEM. The intended audience is design and construction professionals.

Overview between Carlson Civil, Takeoff and Takeoff OEM
Feature Civil Takeoff Takeoff OEM
Import/Export LandXML File Yes Yes Yes
Import ASCII File (P,N,E,L,D) Yes Yes Yes
Import from Data Collector/Controller No No Yes
Drawing clean-up utilities Yes Yes Yes
Make existing vs. proposed surface models Yes Yes Yes
Layout multiple roads Yes Yes Yes
Elevate features by text Yes Yes Yes
Elevate lotlines/pads from road/grading rules Yes No No
Automated digitizing routines No Yes Yes
Takeoff materials for subgrade Yes Yes Yes
Soil borings No Yes Yes
Robust utility network trenching No1 Yes Yes
Site volume balancing Yes Yes Yes
Cut/Fill Centroids (earthwork optimization) Yes Yes Yes
Surface visualization Yes Yes Yes
Environment allows 3rd-Party customization Yes Yes No

1 Utility network trenches can be modeled with Carlson Civil using traditional procedures involving the Design Pad Template command.