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Title: 08 Annotation Erasing
Created: 0000-00-00Last modified: 0000-00-00

When you select DIST Above/Below, instead of simply selecting the line to add a distance label, type ‘P’ at the command line for Point and select a beginning and end point for the distance label. This will NOT associate the text with the line and when you label the Bearing, the Distance text will NOT disappear.

In the Annotate Angle-Dist toolbar, pick on the ‘Angle/Distance Custom Label Formatter’ icon button (3rd from the right) to pull up the ‘Custom Line Label’ dialog box. If the dialog box did NOT appear, type ‘O’ at the command line for ‘options’ and hit enter. In the dialog box, in the first field for Angle, change this to NONE. In the first field for Distance, change this to 1.  In the second field for distance, set this to above or below depending on your focus and hit ‘OK’.

(The second field, above/below, is the only thing you will need to come back and change, by selecting “options”, when you are changing from distance labels above/below in your drawing.)

 From now on, when you want to label your distances, you will pick the ‘Angle/Distance Custom Label Formatter’ icon button, NOT THE DIST. ICONS and begin selecting your label locations along your line for your distances. 

When labeling you bearings, you can use the appropriate icons as in the past and the distance labels will NOT disappear. 

I realize this isn’t the best fix but it works. We are working on a fix for this issue for future releases.