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Title: Installing Geoid files to Carlson Survey 2008
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Installing Geoid files to Carlson Survey 2008

The Geoid files should be downloaded from the following page to insure that
you are using the latest files:

The Geoid files must be installed in the LSP folder of the 2008 program (C:\Program Files\Carlson Software 2008\LSP).   Before doing so, "SurvCom.exe" needs to be copied (NOT moved) FROM the SupTemplate folder TO the LSP folder.  Once SurvCom.exe is in place in the LSP folder, run the CarlsonGeoidGrids.exe and direct it also to the LSP directory.

Double click on the downloaded file (CarlsonGeoidGrids.exe) to start the
install.  Make sure to direct the install path to the LSP directory of the
source program.