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Title: Allegro CX Bluetooth Driver
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If you are using an AllegroCX with Built-In bluetooth to connect to an Instrument which requires a Passkey there is a new patch on Juniper Systems Website to allow for this.

They have released and posted the Socket Mobile Bluetooth version 6.3.17 drivers for the Allegro CX Field PC with built-in Bluetooth on the Juniper website at the link below:

Allegro Bluetooth Patch 6.3.17

Save and run the "AllegroCXBT6317.exe" file on the desktop PC to extract the setup files. Instructions for installing to the Allegro CX will appear automatically once the extraction program has finished.

After installing the patch below you can go into SurvCE in the Equip tab / tap your type of Instrument / tap the Comms Tab / select Bluetooth / choose Socket / tap the Configure button.  Now you can run a Find Receiver if your instrument isn't in the list or if it is tap once on it to highlight it - then tap the "Set Receiver Pin" and enter the appropriate pin for your Instrument / tap OK.

Now you won't have to continually enter in your pin each time you turn on the Instrument, it will save the pin or passkey one time and use that same number each time you connect.