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Title: Carlson Civil 2008 on Civil3d 2008 – Error message about Shared Pipe Catalog
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When using Carlson 2008 on Autodesk Civil 3d 2008 user may get message "Unable to access Shared pipe Catalog". The message advises to run command, but command is not available.

The message is caused by internal components of Civil 3D which are trying to access registry entries pertinent to Civil 3D, but not used in Carlson. When run for the first time Carlson creates a custom profile in AutoCAD engine by copying an existing profile. If that existing profile does not have corresponding registry settings, the problem is carried over into Carlson profile and the run-time error occurs.

The 'pipe_catalog_fix.bat' attached below will create a minimum entries necessary to avoid the error. Please download it to your computer and run.

PS: If your configuration is different, but you still get the error, you may be able to modify the batch file slightly to match your setup to resolve that issue. Please note that Carlson Support will not be able to assist you in this matter.