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Title: Running Carlson Standalone products on Windows Vista
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Carlson standalone products are based on versions of AutoCAD prior to 2008 and therefore have not been designed or tested on Windows Vista. Autodesk's policy on these is that they are not supported.
There are no updates on the Autodesk components to make these products compatible with Windows Vista and no updates are planned to our knowledge. 

This said, these products do install and run on Vista, but your success may vary depending on specific hardware used, as the drivers is the most troublesome and operating system dependant part of the setup. 

The purpose of this article is to document known issues and solutions to help you in this process. This does not constitute or imply the endorsment to using these Carlson products on Window Vista.

PROBLEM #1: When installing AutoCAD 2007 based standaone products (Carlson Survey 2007 or Carlson Takeoff 2007) user gets error 1308 during install: Source file not found: long_path_here\8.0.50727.42.policy ...

CAUSE: Installer seems to extract two needed files into wrong location on Windows Vista. 

If you are running installation off the CD you may have to stop and copy contents of the CD into an empty folder and run setup again from that folder. 

Please download attached file and extract it into the path where installer is looking for it. After extracting file, click Retry button and  installation should finish successfully.