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Title: Program Crashes after start-up
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The latest AOL update of Safety and Security seems to be adding or updating something which is causing Carlson Software to crash. There's a program called "CA Pest Patrol Realtime" now in your list of services. Disabling it with the System Configuration Utility fixes the problem.
Here is the procedure:

Go to Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services
Within Services you should find “CA Pest Patrol Realtime”.
Right-click on this item, and go to Properties.
Where is you see Startup Type, you will also find a drop-down.
Please select “Disabled,” then Apply and OK.
Now restart your computer.

If the first procedure does not resolve your issue, here is a more involved solution.

Go to the Start Menu of your PC.
Select Run.  
Type “regedit.”  This will bring up your Registry Editor.
Navigate through the folders to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ComputerAssociates\ITMRT\InjectExclude
In this folder, scroll to the bottom of the list and add one of the following .EXE files to allow for them to be excluded from the security program.

Surv.exe	For Survey 2006 and 2007
Star.exe	For Survey 2004
Site.exe	For Takeoff
Acad.exe       For all Autocad Based products.