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Title: How to Search for Files In the Data Collector
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How to do a Global Search on a Data Collector

1) Open up the Start Menu
On a Carlson Explorer – tap the Blue 2nd Function key in the upper Left of the Keyboard & then tap “W” on the Keyboard
On an Allegro - hold the CTRL key and tap the ESC key

2) Tap Start / Programs / Tools / Command Prompt

3) Type in:  dir *.crd /s /p
Type it with the spaces and everything {i.e. – dir space *.crd space /s space /p}
This procedure can be used to search for all file types.  (.rw5, .txt, .crd, etc.)
If you happen to know the file name that can also help:   JONES.crd, instead of *.crd.
The * acts as a wildcard.

Hit Enter!  This will show you all the CRD files that are in the Data Collector, no matter what Directory they are stored in.  IF they haven’t been Erased from being stored outside of the SystemCF directory on an Explorer or outside of the C_Drive directory on an Allegro.

---> Or if you would like you can simply download the attached file {Search.bat} below and copy it to the SystemCF folder of an Explorer or the C_Drive folder of an Allegro.   Then exit SurvCE / double-tap My Computer / open the folder you saved "Search.bat" into / tap twice on "Search.bat"
It will run this search command automatically so you don't have to type it in.  Just hit enter to view each screen one-by-one, when the command finishes you can hit enter twice to exit out.