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Title: “Random” crashes when opening or browsing files
Created: 0000-00-00Last modified: 0000-00-00

PROBLEM: Simingly random crashes when trying to select a file and possibly other places related to dealing with particular file or folder

CAUSE: While there is ton of other reasons for crashes, one covered here is related to file date (created, modified or accessed) set far in future - specifically past 2038. This is fatal to some versions of Microsoft calls for accessing file properties and may crash programs at random. Apparently, incorrectly set date on data collector is one of possible causes of this.

RESOLUTION: Use Windows Explorer to look at folder(s) in question. Use detailed view and sort by date. See if there are any dates in 2038 or later. If that is the case then this is likely to be cause of the crash. 

Install attached (at the bottom) freeware tool (not written or suppored by Carlson, but tested to appear safe and efficient) to add "wtouch" to right click menu in Windows Explorer. Select files in question, right click, select "wtouch" and reset particular or all times on the file. If any date is still in far future crash is likely to persist.

Check data collectors for source of faul dates.

Another useful tool: Fresh File Finder:
One more timestamp changer (for whole directories of files):