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Title: 2007 Survey Double Click Problem.
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AutoCAD 2007 / Carlson Survey/Civil Double Click Problem.

When we load the 2007 CUI file with our Carlson Menu we did not move the double click settings that are now carried in the menu (CUI) and are no longer a system variable.

There is however a fix for the problem.

You must edit the CUI and add the double click settings.

Open the CUI editor by typing CUI at the commandline or right click on any icon and then go down to the bottom and select "customize".

Once you’re in the CUI editor click on the transfer tab at the top.

On the right hand side load the Surv2.cui (attached at the bottom) and on the left side the Main CUI file will be open.

Scroll down into the Surv2.cui (right side) until you see “Double Click Actions”.  Expand this out by clicking on the + (plus sign).  Then scroll down further until you see “text”.

Click on the TEXT tab and drag it over to the Main.CUI (left side) and drop it on the “Double Click Actions” tab there.

This will now enable the Main CUI to invoke the appropriate action when double clicking on text. 

There are numerous other actions that can be moved over as well.  Drag and drop until you achieve all the actions you want.