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Title: Plotting a DWG out to a PDF file
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Instructions for installing and using a PDF writer for Carlson Survey, SurvCADD and any other windows applications.

First a primer on PDF's.

PDF's are files that anyone can read with a PDF reader.  PDF readers and writers are readily available for free on the web. (do a google search on "free PDF writer")

A PDF writer is essentially a printer.  It doesn't make a physical print but rather a digital print.  But it is treated the same as a printer, ie: when you make a PDF you do a print and select the PDF writer as your printer.

1)  Install and configure your new PDF writer / reader

2)  In Survey, SurvCADD, Carlson Civil, AutoCAD or any other application that runs under windows choose "Print or Plot" 

3)  Choose the new PDF writer (your new printer) as the output device.

4)  Setup the Plot Settings Tab for the Plot Area and Plot Scale and click OK / choose a Filename / click Save and this will create a PDF file from your Current Drawing