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Title: Build Fixes History Carlson Civil/Survey/Mining 2007
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A new “Build” of Carlson Civil/Survey/Mining 2007 has been made on 7-3-2007. Here is a list of improvements and fixes found in this build.  Some minor fixes are not listed here.

Updates 7-3-07 to 2-22-07

Edit-Process Raw File: Fixed a problem with the vertical angle for the Tools->Reduce Direct-Reverse function.

Updates 2-22-07 to 10-24-06

Contour From Grid File: Fixed problem with drawing contours with missing segments.

Triangulate & Contour: Restored ability to process points with elevation attribute and located with Real Z off.

Draw Profile: Fixed a stationing problem with using a reference CL with a non-zero starting station for stationing a sewer profile.

TDS Data Transfer: Fixed a communication problem for uploading to TDS on the AutoCAD 2007 version.

Updates 10-24-06 to 6-9-06

Toolbar Customization: For AutoCAD 2007, resolved a crash in the CUI command.

AutoCAD Map 2007 Performance: Improved the speed and stability of drawing lots of points.

Lot Report: Restored control of decimal places for acres in the report.

Move Point Attributes With Leader: Added support for twist screen.

Surface Mine Reserves: Restored use of density setting from drillhole definition.

LandXML Import: Added support for parcel groups.

Enter Deed Description: Fixed problem with incrementing deed ID when storing to a deed file.

Updates 6-9-06 to 5-31-06

Command Registration: Fixed a problem for seats of only Survey that falsely reported unregistered status when running commands in common with Civil.
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