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Title: Using a USB adaptor with the 9 pin download cable
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Some laptops do not have a 9 Pin port for communication with your data collector.  In these cases a USB adaptor is required to make the connection from your NULL MODEM cable to the data collector.

We recommend the USB 1.1 to Serial Converter Cable made by IOGear:  

IO Gear GUC232A adapter

This is the list of Windows Drivers available from IOGear:

IO Gear GUC232A Driver list

Here is a PDF document from IOGear explaining how to install the drivers:

IO Gear Driver Installation Guide

You must install the drivers for this cable to work.  The drivers should be supplied with the adaptor, on a CD.

To get to the Device Manager in Windows Vista or Windows 7 click Start / click Control Panel then:
***For Vista: click "System and Maintenance" then click on the Device Manager
***For Windows 7: click "System and Security" / click System then click on the Device Manager link in the upper left

Once the drivers have been installed, follow this procedure for Windows XP:

1) Click Start then click "Control Panel"

2) Double-Click System icon for System {if you don’t see system in the list Click Switch  
to Classic view in the upper left}

3) Go to the Hardware Tab

4) Click the Device Manager button

5) Scroll down to Ports (COM & LPT).

6) Double-Click on Ports (COM & LPT)

7) Note, which Com Port has been set up with new drivers for your adaptor
{i.e. Brand X USB Adapter Communications Port (Com4)}.  This will be important when it comes time to select the Com Port in both Activesync and Carlson Software programs. If you don’t see a Com number in parenthesis under the Ports (Com & LPT) heading, you may need to re-install the Driver that came with your USB Adapter.

8) Now close out of all 3 of these windows with the X button or by clicking cancel

9) Open the Data Transfer Program that you would like to use {Carlson X-port, Survey or SurvCadd}

10) Click Tools / Data Transfer / SurvCE_G2… / click OK to the Error Box / Click Options / Change the Com Port to the correct Com port that was listed in Step #7 under the Device Manager --- You should be able to connect properly now.