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Title: Resetting the Persistant Registry for the Explorer I & II
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Resetting the persistent registry can fix a multitude of problems with the Explorer.   However, there is a risk of deleting files (i.e. files not saved in the SYSTEM CF folder) Some of the things it can fix are:

1. Bluetooth stops communicating correctly
2. No communication can be established across the com port.
3. The screen gets out of adjustment (too big, too small, is fuzzy)
4. Activesync connection gets dropped frequently preventing the installation of SurvCE
5. Unable to install or uninstall programs
6. Incorrect amount of free memory being displayed for device

To reset the persistant registry:
!!!WARNING!!!  you may need to call us or go on the internet to Re-Register the unit after this Procedure
1) Write down the serial #:  in SurvCE, tap Equip \ About SurvCE \ Change Registration {it should start with a 5} –or- It should be printed on the Back Cover of your SurvCE Manual

2)  Check that the jobs are in \SystemCF\Data:  Tap File \ tap Job = on the Top Left check what directory the jobs are being stored in

3)  Backup All jobs on the Data Collector to a Desktop or a Laptop Computer

4)  Reset the Persistent Registry:
     a.  Turn the Screen on, tap File and Exit to exit SurvCE
     b.  Hold the On_Off button down for 10 or 12 seconds to completely Power Down the unit
     c.  With your Left hand hold down the Esc key and the Blue "2nd" Function Key --- Then immediately tap and release the "On_Off" button {just push down on the On/Off key once and let go of it right away} make sure to continue to hold the Blue "2ND" and "ESC" keys.  
     d.  The white loader screen should show up with the second line reading “Invalidating Persistent Registry” = Let off all the keys when you see this text showing
     e. A status bar with # symbols will go across
     f. A screen should open up with a Cross-Hair in the middle to calibrate the stylus --- just follow what the screen prompts you to do 
     g.  If your SurvCE shortcut is gone: Go to My Computer \ SystemCF \ SurvStar directory = scroll down to the second “Hard Hat” picture, tap once on it, tap Edit & tap Copy --- close out of these windows and go back to the desktop.  Tap and hold in an open area, tap paste

Tip #1) After holding the ESC and 2ND buttons down you should immediately tap and release the On_Off button but continue holding "ESC" and "2ND" down

Tip #2) If you hold down the On_Off button too long instead of tapping and releasing it immediately the Reset will fail and the unit will boot normally without any screen calibration prompts

Tip #3) If you hold ESC and 2ND down and Tap and release the On_Off button and the unit doesn't power on just release all the keys and start over from the third Step "c." above

5)   Register your SurvCE again online at the link below: 

Register SurvCE Version 2.0

***Register older SurvCE Version 1.6 or 1.5***