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Title: Carlson Explorer OS Update 4.20.092
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To update the OS version of your Explorer I and II using a COMPACT FLASH card follow the steps below.

Before Starting this Update Process:

I) Write down the serial #:  in SurvCE, tap Equip  About SurvCE  Change Registration {it should start with a 5} –or- It should be printed on the Back Cover of your SurvCE Manual

II) Check that the jobs are in SystemCFData:  Tap File  tap Job = on the Top Left check what directory the jobs are being stored in

III) Backup All jobs on the Data Collector to a Desktop or a Laptop Computer
!!!WARNING failure to follow these first 3 steps could result in loss of Job Data!!!

***For the steps below, you will need to buy 2 things from an Electronics or Computer store***
  1) a Compact Flash card = the card size has to be between 32meg and 8gig {1,000meg = 1gig}

  2) a Compact Flash "Card Reader" that you can plug into your Desktop or Laptop Computer

Make sure that the Explorer is plugged in to the AC wall adapter during these processes.

!!!You have to obtain a Compact Flash card before doing any of the steps Below!!!

1) Click Below and Save the file "" to your Desktop Computer:
2) Copy this file "" onto a Compact Flash Card
3) Plug the Compact Flash Card into the Explorer I or II
4) Exit SurvCE / double-tap My Computer / double-tap "UserCF"
5) Double-Tap the "Explorer.CAB" file
6) On the Data Collector = tap "OK" to re-install if it prompts you
7) Exit out of the UserCF window

8) After the install finishes = Tap twice on "My Device" or "My Computer" / Double-Tap the "Install" folder

9) double-tap "OSUpdate..."

10 ) tap the "Update" Button / tap "Yes" = let the program run --- do not touch the keyboard

11)  it says "Copying new files..., Please Standby"

12)  then it will say "Status: Process complete" / tap DONE

13) You will see a message that says "To Complete the update process remove all power from the JETT for 5 seconds and then reapply power"

14) Remove the Battery and UNPLUG the data collector from the AC Adapter for 5 seconds - the screen should fade out and go blank if you remove the battery and unplug it / put the battery back in / power on the Data Collector

15) Tap Start, Tap Run – Type the word "VERSION", tap OK – check to see that your OS version has been updated to 4.20.092